I Don’t Set the Prices!


The past two days have been pure busy hell. We still don’t have any Wii’s or Guitar Hero 2, I’m sorry – and the trade up deals only work on games that trade in at a set amount. I’m sorry we’re only offering you $0.50 for your used copy of NHL 2002 but you do realize the game is over 5 years old and it’s not likely anyone will want to buy it. I also don’t set the prices – it’s done by corporate, I have no say in it at all and bitching at me won’t change the price.

I know that some of the trade in value we offer on games is absolutely disgusting and the markup is insane. I don’t like telling you that anymore than you like hearing it. I don’t agree with some of them and others I don’t understand. I know you’re upset that I’m only giving you $3 on a game we’ll sell for $20 but there’s not a thing I can do. Standing there and complaining isn’t going to get us anywhere. I can’t change what you’re getting and magically toss $20’s at you for the honor of letting us take your precious games and not worry about the fact that they’re all 5 generations behind.

You know the type that always does the complaining too, don’t you? It’s not the poorer ones who have to trade in their games to get new games is it? Nope, of course not. It’s always the middle-aged woman with the extra nice clothes and the perfectly coiffed salon hair and gel-filled nails – the type who’d look at home with a dog in a purse. The ones who walk around with their bratty kids and their sense of entitlement. I’m sorry sunshine, I know you’re not happy with it but – as I repeat, again – there’s nothing I can do.

Yet you insist on continuing your tirade, deciding to start throwing math at me “that’s thirty-five percent!” you say, looking disgusted. I smile apologetically and shrug my shoulders. You persist, continuing to tell me the difference, seeming to expect that if you convince me I’ll start offering you more money for your games. It’s not going to happen. I understand you’re upset with the price, but my best advice is to take them over to blockbuster and see if you do any better. You won’t be getting anything more from me and believe me I could give two shits about taking your trades. I’d rather not have to deal with all the work that comes with them.

This is why I try to never ever tell people anything but the final trade value after I’ve scanned everything in. It’s when they make you tell them what each specific game is worth that the trouble starts. Instead of being happy that they’re getting $75 for their games they nitpick at you over the ones that only brought in a dollar or two. You have $75 in credit – go look the fuck around – you can get any game in the store. Stop whining over the little bit you didn’t get when you got a whole heck of a lot overall.

If you don’t like what we offer, you’re free to take your games elsewhere. I don’t care. Just don’t waste your time and mine (and usually the time of the people waiting in line behind you) by bitching about it non-stop like I’ll offer you some extra money. I can’t do it and even if I could I wouldn’t because your bratty kids don’t even take care of the discs properly anyway. They’re scratched so badly I wonder if the kids went ’skating’ on them. I’ll have to charge a reburb fee now … have a nice day!

A Free Way to Play Minecraft


After showing you how to find Minecraft servers, we remembered that not everyone has a premium account. If you are searching for solutions to play Minecraft absolutely for free, visit tryminecraftfree.wordpress.com. The website will provide the most in-depth guidelines on how to play the game in an internet-based mode and offline mode. Utilizing this method has no expenses and is readily available for free!

Minecraft is a renowned online game phenomenon across the world, which is played typically in single player mode or multiplayer mode. It offers a rich experience and gives you the choice to do anything you want. Explore a whole new fascinating world that is created from sand, stone, earth and various other natural elements. The entire game is filled with adventure and challenges you to face a new imaginative range of great challenges.

If you are thrilled and excited to play Minecraft for free and desire to start off straight away, this is made much simpler for you. All that you have to do is create an account at Mojang and try out the demo version on the official site. However, if you do not have this specific account, you can just play from your browser with the free version, and even play online with your friends. This is one of the simplest ways to play this game.

Minecraft is an iconic video game that was ported to various consoles after its great success. It also received great reviews from the popular video game critics and gamers worldwide. This game is very diversified, as there is almost nothing you can’t do in this game. Minecraft was so popular that many people started embedding the game on a plethora of websites, which involved a lot of creativity and awesomeness.

Oftentimes players give up playing this game either because it is too challenging for them or otherwise player is too good at the game. Personally, I got bored after winning singleplayer mode by killing the Ender Dragon, but once you play online, the game is a lot more engaging and enjoyable. By playing it for free online, you can discover a great opportunity to try the game out before committing to a purchase. Please note that in order to play this game for free without any crashes or issues, it is essential to have the latest Java version and recommended system requirements, which can be found at the Mojang website.

To Whom It May Concern

To the Lady with the Little Dog,

We do not allow animals in the store of any sort other than service animals. Your dog is not an accessory contrary to your belief. Leave the damn thing outside and no, I don’t care how cold it is out – if you’re shopping, don’t take the dog with you. You’re also an unbelievably high maintenance pain in the ass – most women with small dogs are. You seem to have illusions of grandeur and believe the rules don’t apply to you. If that mangy mutt craps on the floor, I’m going to rub your nose into it to teach you a lesson. That lesson, of couse, will be: Leave the goddamn dog at home.

and… To the Kids Who Came in With their Grandmother,

I can see you spoiled brats have the poor nice old lady wrapped around your fingers. Never have I seen a woman spend so much money at one time on her grandkids – over $800. Xbox 360, DS Lite, tons of games – you two act as if she has all the money in the world even though I could tell by her face she wasn’t happy about the cost. You seem to think it’s ‘no big deal’. Well I hope you appreciate her. Don’t continually expect and take and take and take. Appreciate what you have and be thankful. Tell her you love her and say thanks. I know you probably won’t. I’m not that old but I see it every day. Damn kids growing up with a sense of entitlement. These kids have every gaming system available. What the fuck do they need them all for? I hope she doesn’t get you anything else until Christmas, you’re probably ungrateful and just ask for more.

Paypal Contacted by Blizzard to Reduce Gold Transactions


It’s been a well known fact that MMO’s have always generated true economies around themselves. Not only taking into account the economy from within the game, but rather considering the real world money generated and “moved” around by the said game and its content.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is probably the MMO with the most trades occurring in and outside of it. Starting with game characters sold on auctions or on certain MMO related pages, moving on to items or gold being sold within the game for real money, WoW, can generate to a user with enough resources over 2000 or 3000 US dollars a month in revenue. The cost of achieving such revenue is very small and as you can see the profits are rather large.

In an effort to reduce the large wave of gold trading in particular, Blizzard has contacted PayPal in regards to this issue. As such, Blizzard is claiming the “Intellectual Proprieties Violation” clause for the in game gold sales made through the webpage. This generated some issue with Curse Gaming as well, which is advertising this “unorthodox” method of obtaining in game currency. According to GamezIndustry, the gaming portal received a message claiming that “You were reported to PayPal as an Intellectual Properties violation by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. for the sale of World of Warcraft Merchandise.” Pretty harsh words, but you have to be fair about it, they are selling something which isn’t theirs.

Still this has been a known fact for many years and it seems to me that Blizzard fails to realize the magnitude this has already reached. There are plenty of other pages which will help users in exchanging money for gold. Surely this will slow down the gold traffic for a while, but PayPal is losing money no matter how you look at the issue. As for anyone debating that you are giving real money to game money I ask you – what is real money? Is it’s reality defined by the fact that you can hold it in your hands? This can lead for a very long and boring discussion referring to the concept of money as an abstract means of determining value, yet I do consider that Blizzard is overdoing the witch hunt.

As I previously said, this will slow the traffic of gold down somewhat, yet this is an issue which Blizzard will not be able to completely eradicate. The simple reason can be found in smaller and poorer countries where the minimal wage is around 100 dollars a month, so a user playing WoW and selling gold in it for real money can generate a larger income with less physical work. Is it worth it? Apparently to some users it is and as long as those users will consider that this is the most efficient method of obtaining some cash, Blizzard won’t be able to stop the flow of cash in any direction and of any form. Until next time, stop trading gold because Blizzard might just ban your account!

How to Find the Best Minecraft Servers


If you’ve been playing Minecraft online for a while, you’ll notice that each server has a ton of different properties, including mods, maps, players, community, staff, experience and etc. You’ve probably played on a server where there were a bunch of hackers, griefers, trolls, or perhaps bad or lazy moderators. Let’s not forget the ones that lag like crazy and are down all the time. It is really difficult to find the Minecraft server that fits your needs, and that’s where Minecraft Servers Hub comes in.

What is Minecraft Servers Hub?

Minecraft Servers Hub offers a ranked servers list where you can filter by location, tags, versions, and more. Rest assured that you will only see the best servers, because rankings are determined by votes from users around the world. Once you’ve narrowed down the servers you are interested in, you could check out individual server stats such as uptime, player count, perks, tags, video, and more. For example, for someone who enjoys PvP, just filter the servers by the PvP tag to view all of the PvP servers in the database.

You can easily determine the quality of the server by looking at its ranking and stats. This saves a lot of time if you’re doing it the old way, which is looking at individual server entries on various Minecraft forums. The problem with the old method is that the admins are new and they just started their server. With Minecraft Servers Hub, you can find well established servers whose admins are highly experienced. This way you won’t face a bunch of problems with new server admins who don’t know what they’re doing.

How Does It Benefit Server Owners?

Minecraft Servers Hub allows server owners to advertise their server, free of charge. Simply register an account, add the server details, and submit. The entire process is seamless, and the site will automatically ping the server every 5 minutes. A cool feature is that it also automatically picks up the server favicon, message of the day, player count, and uptime. These promotional details are a great way to attract new players and build your community.

For even more exposure, server owners can also purchase a sponsored slot, which will place their server at the top of the page. Sponsored servers get more attention than regular ones mainly because site users will see them first.


As a veteran Minecraft player and YouTuber, Minecraft Servers Hub is hands down the best way to play Minecraft online without any headaches. I’ve joined a lot of great communities thanks to this site, and it’s always exciting to see new servers break the top 10. The best part about it is how users can vote for their favorite servers, which means that you are guaranteed to play on great servers that fit your criteria.

The Resolution Revolution


Visceral’s newest game, Battlefield Hardline, is due on March 17th, and has already been released to those who are subscribed to EA Access. It was also recently announced that Battlefield Hardline would have a resolution of 720p on Xbox One and 900p on the PS4. This news follows a string of similar news, with many next-gen titles releasing with a lower resolution on Xbox One or sacrificing features and/or details to achieve visual parity. Until the Xbox One gets a serious hardware change, which is reportedly in the works, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. The big question here is, does resolution matter? Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.

If the sales show anything about this question, the answer is yes, resolution matter. As of March 3rd the PS4 has sold over 20.2 million units. This is in contrast to the Xbox One’s sales, which were reported to be 10 million during the month of November and haven’t been reported since. If the consumers are saying anything here, it’s that they believe the PS4 is worth the higher prices. Now we can’t be sure if this is because of resolution or some other factor, but it is true that the PS4 can achieve higher resolutions and that it is selling better despite higher prices. However, the Xbox One still has a sizable market, which is most likely due to console exclusives, an affinity to Microsoft, or its home entertainment aspect.

It’s also possible that many people simply don’t care. While this may be the seemingly less popular opinion many, me included, probably do not care about the resolution boosts, at least not enough to switch consoles. Personally, I’ve never noticed much of a difference between the different HD resolutions. This may be because of sub-1080p monitors or simply small screens, but side by side I rarely notice a difference. Even of those who do notice a difference, many do not care. There’s a sizable population that cares more about a game than its final resolution. A game can and will look beautiful if it’s well made, whether or not it’s in 1080p. Resolution does not alter gameplay and mechanics of a system, and because of this fact many seem to ignore the differences, opting for whichever UI they feel most comfortable with.

The resolution game has caused strife for developers and consumers alike. Some developers have opted to develop their games with resolution parity in mind. On multiple occasions this has caused an outrage among the community, who believe that the max visual fidelity has been lowered to match even though the PS4 could, in their minds, handle more. Whether or not this is true, resolution parity is a legitimate strategy for developers. Focusing on a constant visual quality can allow a developer to more accurately fine-tune and optimize a game while stemming complaints of sub-par graphics from lower-end users. When the PS4 does have higher resolutions, such as in Battlefield Hardline’s case, many Xbox One owners are outraged. Since day 1 the console has lacked behind in this regard even though the graphics capability of the console was improved with the option to remove a kinect reservation in the GPU.

Does resolution make or break a game? I’d like to think that it doesn’t. After all, it’s a game not a photo or movie. And while games can look utterly astounding, gameplay is the core component here. But on a larger scale, does resolution matter in making a console chose? Well, that’s a matter of perspective.

League of Legends Skin Scam


Riot Games recently announced that they are doing away with the special codes that allow players to customize the skins they use with their League of Legends accounts. The decision comes after an enormous controversy over a series of scams done using League of Legend skins. As Riot can’t quite stop the scam and keep the skins active that are valid, they are temporarily doing away with the customized skin codes altogether. It remains to be seen if this option is going to come back – or if they will just move on to avoid a repeat of what they just put an end to.

When Riot introduced the special codes that allowed members of certain tiers to access custom skins, they did so with the best of intentions. What they didn’t expect is that scammers would get a hold of the codes and then offer them for sale for upwards of $1,000 USD. The scammers often listed the skins as “custom” or “one-of-a-kind” when in fact they were part of a limited edition gallery meant to be earned, not purchased. The prevalence of the sales by scammers, and then member complaints led to Riot games shutting down the whole coding system.

Why did People pay $1000 for a Skin?

The question is why would anyone pay that much money for a skin for a game? The answer lies in the enormous popularity of League of Legends. This is one of the world’s most popular multi-player games and players are truly dedicated to their experience. The ability to add a custom skin not only personalizes the game play, but it can add to the player’s interest in the game. With the skins set up as a kind of reward, there is also a great deal of satisfaction experienced by having one on your screen.

Unfortunately, many people would rather pay for the reward than earn it and the scammers took advantage of it. From Riot’s point of view, this diluted the entire purpose of the custom skin codes. It was better to pull the codes than to allow them to be sold for profit when they were intended to be rewards for loyalty in the game.

What Now?

It may be hard for Riot to come up with an in game reward for player achievement and loyalty that can’t be monetized by a scammer. Much of it has to do with the desire of players to get what they haven’t earned in order to feel more closely a part of the world of League of Legends. Riot is going to have to come up with a series of rewards, some of which can be bought, to diffuse the attraction of trying to buy one on the black market.

By selling their own line of rewards and skins, Riot can also shut down the scammers from accessing an easy profit that doesn’t benefit the game in anyway. That is the other aspect of all this, scammers selling skin codes didn’t just lower profit for Riot, they took away game development money.

Armies in the 20th Century

The armies of World War I fought in dense formations, usually dug into defensive trenches. Artillery and machine guns took a dreadful toll on both sides, and casualties were high. During the 1920s and 1930s new tactics were developed to make full use of the speed and power of the airplane and the tank. In World War II the German army achieved surprise by its blitzkrieg (“lightning war”) tactics. In blitzkrieg warfare, motorized infantry, tanks, and artillery raced across country, while overhead fighter and bomber aircraft provided support for them. Landing-raft ferried armies across rivers, lakes, and seas.

During World War II the largest armies ever seen were assembled by China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Britain and her allies, and the United States. During the war the United States army reached a peak strength of 8 million men and women, in both ground and air forces. In 1944 the Allies landed enormous armies in France, in the largest sea-borne invasion ever mounted.

At that time many army tactics were introduced that are still in used today. Air support played a vital part. Most armies had airborne assault troops, who were soldiers carried by air. Sometimes they were dropped by parachute; sometimes they landed in gliders towed to the battle zone by other aircraft. World War II armies also perfected amphibious warfare. Troops were carried ashore in special landing craft, and tanks “swam” ashore under their own power.

There were many advances in weapons, chiefly in aircraft and artillery, including rockets and guided missiles. The war was finally ended by the dropping of the atomic bomb, which unleashed a destructive force far greater than that of any army upon Hiroshima, Japan.

Even though the modern army has highly complicated weapons (radar-guided rockets, quick-firing guns, armored helicopters), it has been shown that powerful arms do not always bring victory. During World War II, resistance fighters used guerrilla tactics very successfully. Small bands of fighters would attack suddenly, and disappear into the countryside. In the Vietnam War, the United States faced a determined guerrilla enemy, whose forces in the end proved victorious.

Today’s infantryman travels light and at speed. He carries a self-loading rifle or submachine-gun, and rides in an armored personnel carrier, equipped with anti-tank weapons. He has special clothing to protect him from biological and chemical weapons. The solder’s face-mask allows him or her to breathe safely in the thick of smoke or gas. The “tin hat” worn by soldiers in the two World Wars has been replaced by a molded helmet.

Communications are vital to the modern army. Units keep in touch with headquarters by radio, and signals can be sent by satellite right across the world in seconds. If necessary, today’s infantry can operate as fast-moving independent groups. For their armored vehicles carry not only radio and weapons, but also cooking equipment, food and water, and medical supplies.

I Worship the Sun

As George Carlin brilliantly puts it, he comically worships the sun because he can observe it, and that it is one of the basic ingredients required for all life. I certainly don’t believe in an invisible man in the sky, but I do believe that there must be extraterrestrial life forms out there–possibly those from outside of our realm of observation such as other dimensions or curvatures of spacetime. Anyway, back to the Sun.

The Sun is the center of the solar system, which you probably learned back in elementary school. This enourmous star gives us all the light and heat we need to grow food and keep warm. It was worshipped as the mightiest of the gods by the ancient Egyptians, and for good reason. The Sun, however, is not the largest star in the galaxy. It seems very big and bright because it is only 93 million miles away from Earth. Light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach us; light from Sirius, the next brightest star, takes eight years! The Sun is made up of gases, mostly hydrogen, and is powered by a natural process called nuclear fusion–when atoms of hydrogen fuse, or join together ot make helium.

Nuclear fusion takes place in the center, or core, of the Sun, where temperatures are around 27 million degreens Farenheit. The Sun has shone in the sky for nearly 5 billion years and scientists believe it has enough hydrogen in its core to “burn” for another 5 billion years, which is over double the age of the Earth. We have a long way to go before we all die from lack of sunlight. Upon star death, it will expand to become a red giant before shrinking to become a feeble white star.

Cloud Activity

Clouds of gas called prominences can erupt from the Sun’s surface. They are best seen during a total eclipse of the Sun–when the Moon cuts off the bright light of the photosphere.

Inside the Sun

Energy is produced in the core of the Sun. It is transferred to the surface zone of radiation and convection. We can see the Sun’s photosphere through the thin chromosphere and the outher atmosphere–the cornea.

The Surface of the Sun

Cool, dark patches called sunspots lie beneath the bright spots seen here.

Energy Burst

Solar flares are huge eruptions that occur near sunspots. They release a massive amount of energy into space.

Ribbons of Light

Solar flares send charged particles from areas aroud sunspots into space. When they hit the Earth’s charged upper atmosphere near the magnetic poles, they cause colorful dancing ribbons of light, called auroras, or Northern or Southern lights. Auroras appear more often when there is heavy sunspot activity.

Managing Characters on Hearthstone

hearthstone game

Hearthstone is one of the fastest growing multi-player game adventures that is available on mobile devices that uses the characters and basic World of Warcraft setting to keep you in the WoW world even when you are away.. It takes the classic role playing setup of characters, skills and inventory and creates an immersive experience where you are role playing life in another dimension. With a heavy social network following and in game networking system, many dedicated players spend more time working on their lives in Hearthstone then they do their real time existence. That is not such a bad thing, if you want to be one of the masters of this game, you have to show a lot of dedication.

Advantages of a Free Game

While free is great, most games use the freemium model in which the only way to really get anything out of the game is to pay for advanced features. Hearthstone isn’t set up like that – you can really play through the entire game without missing anything and without having to pay for a premium feature. Every premium feature that they offer – from weapons to increasing your health and healing abilities can be earned with in game play. The advantage to earning what you use in the game is surprising.

First of all, in earning the points you spend you have to play more. The more time in the game that you have the better you will become at it and the more you will discover hidden within it. The next advantage is that it allows you to create a strategy that you can apply to your characters. You can have one main account, or two separate accounts – one for free and one for premium pay. You should always have multiple characters for each account.

By maintaining multiple characters you can experience Hearthstone on many different levels. How a Paladin plays the game is going to be much different from how a healer does. . As you get to know the cheats better you will also see that many of them can be traded back and forth between characters to increase one of the powers. Trading enchantment is a good example of this. If a warrior gives away enchantment they can wind up speeding up their strength. The same doesn’t hold true for a magician, but they have their own set of unique cheats that work based upon how they use them to help other characters. If the characters you are choosing to help are your own, you can become even stronger than ever before.

What Comes Next?

As Hearthstone continues to grow in membership and in total time spent online the entire culture of the game and supporting game network is slowly firming up. Many of the upgrades that are coming will be less focused on expanding the game play then on working to increase the quality of the play.