I Worship the Sun

As George Carlin brilliantly puts it, he comically worships the sun because he can observe it, and that it is one of the basic ingredients required for all life. I certainly don’t believe in an invisible man in the sky, but I do believe that there must be extraterrestrial life forms out there–possibly those from outside of our realm of observation such as other dimensions or curvatures of spacetime. Anyway, back to the Sun.

The Sun is the center of the solar system, which you probably learned back in elementary school. This enourmous star gives us all the light and heat we need to grow food and keep warm. It was worshipped as the mightiest of the gods by the ancient Egyptians, and for good reason. The Sun, however, is not the largest star in the galaxy. It seems very big and bright because it is only 93 million miles away from Earth. Light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach us; light from Sirius, the next brightest star, takes eight years! The Sun is made up of gases, mostly hydrogen, and is powered by a natural process called nuclear fusion–when atoms of hydrogen fuse, or join together ot make helium.

Nuclear fusion takes place in the center, or core, of the Sun, where temperatures are around 27 million degreens Farenheit. The Sun has shone in the sky for nearly 5 billion years and scientists believe it has enough hydrogen in its core to “burn” for another 5 billion years, which is over double the age of the Earth. We have a long way to go before we all die from lack of sunlight. Upon star death, it will expand to become a red giant before shrinking to become a feeble white star.

Cloud Activity

Clouds of gas called prominences can erupt from the Sun’s surface. They are best seen during a total eclipse of the Sun–when the Moon cuts off the bright light of the photosphere.

Inside the Sun

Energy is produced in the core of the Sun. It is transferred to the surface zone of radiation and convection. We can see the Sun’s photosphere through the thin chromosphere and the outher atmosphere–the cornea.

The Surface of the Sun

Cool, dark patches called sunspots lie beneath the bright spots seen here.

Energy Burst

Solar flares are huge eruptions that occur near sunspots. They release a massive amount of energy into space.

Ribbons of Light

Solar flares send charged particles from areas aroud sunspots into space. When they hit the Earth’s charged upper atmosphere near the magnetic poles, they cause colorful dancing ribbons of light, called auroras, or Northern or Southern lights. Auroras appear more often when there is heavy sunspot activity.

Managing Characters on Hearthstone

hearthstone game

Hearthstone is one of the fastest growing multi-player game adventures that is available on mobile devices that uses the characters and basic World of Warcraft setting to keep you in the WoW world even when you are away.. It takes the classic role playing setup of characters, skills and inventory and creates an immersive experience where you are role playing life in another dimension. With a heavy social network following and in game networking system, many dedicated players spend more time working on their lives in Hearthstone then they do their real time existence. That is not such a bad thing, if you want to be one of the masters of this game, you have to show a lot of dedication.

Advantages of a Free Game

While free is great, most games use the freemium model in which the only way to really get anything out of the game is to pay for advanced features. Hearthstone isn’t set up like that – you can really play through the entire game without missing anything and without having to pay for a premium feature. Every premium feature that they offer – from weapons to increasing your health and healing abilities can be earned with in game play. The advantage to earning what you use in the game is surprising.

First of all, in earning the points you spend you have to play more. The more time in the game that you have the better you will become at it and the more you will discover hidden within it. The next advantage is that it allows you to create a strategy that you can apply to your characters. You can have one main account, or two separate accounts – one for free and one for premium pay. You should always have multiple characters for each account.

By maintaining multiple characters you can experience Hearthstone on many different levels. How a Paladin plays the game is going to be much different from how a healer does. . As you get to know the cheats better you will also see that many of them can be traded back and forth between characters to increase one of the powers. Trading enchantment is a good example of this. If a warrior gives away enchantment they can wind up speeding up their strength. The same doesn’t hold true for a magician, but they have their own set of unique cheats that work based upon how they use them to help other characters. If the characters you are choosing to help are your own, you can become even stronger than ever before.

What Comes Next?

As Hearthstone continues to grow in membership and in total time spent online the entire culture of the game and supporting game network is slowly firming up. Many of the upgrades that are coming will be less focused on expanding the game play then on working to increase the quality of the play.

What’s Playing on Wii U?

wii u communities tab

With a Wii U console and an account, you can log in and discover a whole new universe! One of the best things about the new console is that it integrates the rest of the world into as well. While you are playing on your Wii U, you will also have access to several channels that you can monitor while playing or switch to when you are taking a pause from your game. Here are the top channels that are featured right now.


Miiverse is Nintendo’s social network that is designed for gamer’s by gamers. With the new Camp Miiverse section you can even post your results from different games, take up some of the open challenges that are posted there, enter contests and more. The thing that makes Miiverse work is it is integrated with game play so you can still chat with friends outside of the game while playing.

Netflix and Hulu

Nintendo also got a special deal with Netflix and Hulu to allow their movies and shows to stream over the Wii U tablets and screen controllers. You don’t need to carry special devices and you can tag your shows to your account. This means you can watch, pause to play a game and go back to pick up where you left off. You can also share movies and “watch” them with friends, using Miiverse to talk during the show.

News Feeds

There is also a choice of the top News apps and feeds offered through Wii U so you can stay up with the current news in the world. You can set the categories that you want added to your general stream so you only see what interests you. The posts will come with Yeah! You can also share the posts to other timelines.


Your Wii U controller will let you access the eShop so you can direct purchase anything from add-ons in the game to new levels, Wii U consoles and accessories, and gaming merchandise. In Japan, you will soon be able to purchase any NTC items using your controller in real stores.

Internet Access and Social Nedia

You can also access the Internet directly and all of your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Myspace. The ability to switch between the Miiverse and open Internet means you don’t have to clutter up your gaming network feed, but can keep in contact with family and other friends separately.

The Wii U Virtual Console

Another channel option is the Wii U Virtual Console. This is designed for those who are fans of older games from other gaming systems to allow them to port and convert the games into Wii U.


Nintendo has plans for an expansion of the channels that are offered on Wii U. The new channels will also include games that are solely designed for channel play. There are also whole new groupings of Wii U apps coming out that will make use of the channel design system. There won’t be one great release of add-on channels, but a steady stream as they are developed.

What Makes Xbox One Different?

xbox one setup

Between Wii U, PlayStation 4 and all the other next generation gaming systems, why is Xbox One considered to be so different? Even before they adjusted the pricing down into the affordability range, not one reviewer ever slighted the game system. Some reviewers even went as far as to call it the best product Microsoft has produced.

It may have initially been too expensive for most people, but why is it now flying off the shelves, especially when other gaming systems have comparable prices and familiarity? The answer lies in the unique approach that Microsoft used in selecting the designers to put the system, console and controllers together.

Why Would Who Designs it Matter?

From the beginning in 2005 when the Xbox 360 was first released, it stood out in the gaming crowd. With the rising market for home gaming systems and multi-player game systems there were companies developing systems like clockwork. Microsoft was the only one to specifically seek out and involve game players in every aspect of the design.

It is one thing to have a play a game designed by someone who games, it was quite another to have every aspect of the system, console and controller designed with gamers involved. It transformed not just how the user interfaces with the hardware, but it also dictated the speed of the machine and other technological selections.

A gaming console designed by gamers is a system that is meant for gamers. It was only in these past few years that Microsoft lost its focus on how important having gaming at the center of the philosophy of a gaming system can be. The result was a loss in sales, a now defunct streaming original TV content studio, and new upgrades and lower prices rolled out to bring gamers back home.

How Much Will Xbox One Expand in the Future?

Microsoft has begun to refocus its priorities on the gaming console and is working to increase how much you can do from the controller platforms. They are integrating 3D Blue-ray technology into the Xbox One which not only adds to the potential gaming experience but also allows the users to watch stand-alone media on their consoles as well. They are bundling back in the ability to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu to also improve the entertainment capabilities of the console as well.

As far as the coming games, the console features everything from Call of Duty to some of the newest and most adventurous titles. They are a favorite of up and coming game designers because they will work with them from the backend design side to make sure that the intent of the game design is preserved fully in its execution.

Many of the other gaming systems are driven by a profit margin only, which means gamers aren’t sitting there making the decisions about features, upgrades and which games to develop – they are left out of the process. With Xbox One, there has been a return to the reason why the game system was so respected and will continue to be so in the future.

Top 5 Cheats in Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation)

grand theft auto 5 mission

The cheats available for Grand Theft Auto V are coming out fast and furious. This means that while you can use these to get ahead and win, chances are that there are a bunch more high powered cheats hidden in the game that might take a year to be uncovered. Until they are, there are some common ones that will help make a difference in how you play. Be warned though – use any of these cheats and you won’t be eligible for a trophy anymore.

Cheats are a great way to create a strategy in a game. They can help you to survive a dry run of a course so you know what lies ahead. Then you can select the vehicles and weapons you need to conquer it and beat other players so you can score your trophy without the cheats in play.

Cheat #1 – World Cheat: Change Weather

You can change the weather to get ahead in the game, especially if you have the car that can handle whatever Mother Nature brings. This also means that you can change the weather from bad to good if you need to – simply trigger the R2, X, L1, L2, L2, L2 and Square to make things start to go your way. Don’t rush to use this too often, if people know you have it then they can anticipate it with a few cheats of their own and respond in ways you don’t like.

Cheat #2 – Spawn Vehicle: Duster

Get the Duster that can handle everything on the road with a powerful engine and responsive tranny. To trigger it hit right, left, R1, R1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, X, O, L1 and L1. Make sure you don’t have any delays in the triggering of the controller when you do this, and it will only work with the latest stock controllers.

Cheat #3 – World Cheat: Slippery Streets

This gives you a more specific claim over the weather and is good if your vehicle has the wide tires to handle it and you have mastered the drift. Trigger triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2 and L1.

Cheat #4 – Let Health and Armor Be at The Maximum

This cheat violates just about all the rules for competition but it ca transform your game into a fast and furious explosion of fun. With max armor and health, nothing can stop you. This can be a really great way to learn the ins and out of a course before coming back and doing it clean. Trigger, L1, Triangle and R2 to start, after which you do X, Square, O and Right before taking on Square, L1, L1 and L1 to get started.

Cheat #5 – Explosive Rounds

This last cheat is essential if you are going to be up against tough competition. These explosive rounds can be fired to the front and back to take out structures and other drivers. You can refill the cheat as many times as you like. Trigger right, then square, after that X! Then, you should continue with Left, R1 and R2. After that, the set that comes is left, right, right, L1, L1 and L1.